Physio des Chenaux is a physical therapy clinic dedicated to your health!

Need home care after a fall?
Muscle pain or tendon strain?
Need rehab because of an accident?
Treatments following a sport injury?

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Dominique Gagnon welcomes you to our new clinic: Physio des Chenaux. Discover our professional expertise at the service of your well being.

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Our treatments are based on the latest scientific research and innovative technologies to help you get back into shape, quickly and efficiently.

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Do not delay your healing process and book an appointment now. Physio des Chenaux will build an adapted treatment plan that meets your needs.

Our clinic

It is with enthusiasm that we present you our physical therapist and founder, Dominique Gagnon.
Sports and exercise have an important role in his professional and personal life. Regularly practicing many different sports, biomechanics knowledge is well acquired. Since his master’s degree graduation at the university of Montreal in 2018, Dominique has had the opportunity to help the population of the Mauricie region to get back into health. He is pleased to establish his professional practice in the beautiful city of Trois-Rivières.
In physical therapy, we aim for the complete functional recovery of our patients following an injury. If you are in pain, it is important to receive care from a competent professional knowing your condition well to optimize your rehabilitation process. We will be glad to help you get back on track for your health. Contact us for more information 819 841-5150.

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy focuses on the evaluation the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal disorders. We aim to work on the patient’s functional ability. Your first appointment will help us to learn about your medical past and the use of medication. An evaluation follows by collecting information and accessing your biomechanical state. We analyse the data to build a treatment plan to guide our professional practice, based on scientific facts. There are many tools at our disposal to lower your level of pain and to strengthen affected tissues.

Our services

General care in physical therapy

If you are living with chronic pain and have restrictions in your daily activities, following a trauma or insidiously; many doctors suggest physical therapy. We work close to the medical team to help patients get an optimal rehabilitation. Many surgeries proceed a physical therapy program to help regain strength and mobility. Talk to your doctors and ask them if physical therapy is recommended to you.

Sports science and rehab

Weekend warriors often push their limits and passionately perform their beloved activities. Strains in the tendon or the ligament can happen since we often don’t have time to work on strength and conditioning during the week. It is important to keep active but when an injury limits our performance, a rehabilitation program is beneficial. Physical therapy helps you get back into action. Our physical therapist practices many sports and knows much of biomechanics. It will be a pleasure to help you get more active!

Vestibular disorder

Are you living with vertigo and dizziness? The source of your discomfort might originate from your vestibular system. This system is in the inner hear and helps us locate ourselves in our environment. It is responsible for our equilibrium and sense of balance. The causes of vertigo are numerous. We suggest seeing a doctor to confirm weather you are victim of a vestibular disorder or not. In the case of a benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV, or VPPB in french), physical therapy treatments have a very high success rate.

Home care services

If it is difficult for you to get to our facilities, we can accommodate you by providing home care services. Our professional will meet you at your home and provides the necessary modalities for an optimal treatment. We cover the territories of Trois-Rivières, Cap de la madeleine area, west Trois-Rivières and the southern part of Saint Louis de France district. We bring our medical equipment, but we require you to respect sanitary measures and to wear a mask.

Work accident (CNESST)

If you are injured during work, you are protected by laws for a safe recovery. Many doctors will recommend physical therapy treatments after a work injury. This rehab clinical follow up is free of charge if the doctor prescribes it to you. We help workers be pain free and fully functional for a safe return to work following an accident.

Car accident (SAAQ)

After a car accident, it is possible that your doctor gave a prescription for physical therapy treatments. The clinical follow up is free of charge since the SAAQ covers the rehab program of people victims of a road accident. We will help you ease the pain and get back into health.

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